Friday, January 18, 2008

Flock of Friends!

Have you ever heard?..."If you surround yourself with people smarter or more talented than yourself, you will be great!
An interesting thought of how the influence of friends can effect who you are and what you do.
The smartest people in the world can't do everything...but, the true definition of genius to hanging out with people who are quite genius in their own way. There is no doubt their essence will enhance your own person.
Naturally I gravitate to smart and creative people. I want to be smarter and more creative. I have managed to assemble a wonderful group of smart and creative women friends that no doubt impact who I am. All to my advantage! (It is part of the master plan.)
In creating this blog, one of my mental obstacles about committing to this task was...."what will I write about every day?" I feared having nothing to say and nothing to share. Which brings me to this thought...when you decide to write something everyday, and you want that "something" to be positive...or interesting...or funny...or colorful...the anxiety of
not coming up with a topic can often keep you from making the attempt. So, you either leap and hope for a soft landing, or leap and let things come to you.
Which brings me to today. I had the good fortune of receiving this delightful flock of birds with a signature bird envelope in the mail. These fowl are the creative genius of one my dear friends. Everything she does ends up looking just this happy! I love it! The quirky peacock on the envelope is one of her signature images that evoke the warmest feeling when I see it. I thought sharing these images could only benefit the masses. Enjoy!
Which leads me to all of this "deep" contemplation and surmisal...I am thrilled to have my dear friends. I so appreciate their intellectual and creative genius. And if these same people continue to allow me to hang out with them, I will be great! So, with this brilliance tucked in for the night, my advice to everyone is quite simple: Go find a flock of outstanding friends!

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