Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just Use It!

One of my biggest fears, and joys is having someone pilfer through my things, at my future estate sale. Fear being, I obviously have croaked...or possibly, I have had to scale down to one small bedroom at my future nursing home or....my finances have gotten so depleted I am resorting to pawning off my worldly possessions fifty cents at a time. But, lest joy not be forgotten....I hope should my worldly possessions be pilfered through at my future estate sale...the lookers will be thrilled with the huge assortment of stuff available, dust included...provide lots of thoughtful contemplation as to "why in this world would someone have this?"...and do not forget the sheer delight someone gets in finding the perfect knick knack to finish out their collection for under $1. All of these thoughts rummage through my brain from time to time when I occasionally open a drawer or cabinet and find some little treasure I have totally forgotten I had. Once the doo-dad is discovered...again...I try to remember how I became the owner of this little nugget of vintage joy...thus, the brain-onic tennis match begins in my head as to "what in this world am I doing with this much stuff? What am I going to do with it? Where can I put it, because I just think it is so cute? I love the color, why haven't I had placed this somewhere for a daily visual pick-me-up? I wonder what will become of it in 30 years?" This banter in my brain always comes to one clear conclusion: Just Use It!

So, consequently, in my home there are no cute matching bathroom sets (soap dish, Kleenex box, toothbrush holder)...no matching decanter sets...no desk sets...really, no sets at all. My decorative garnish is the remnants of someone (probably deceased, in a nursing home or needed some pocket change) else's life. Is this creepy or good? Back to the brain-onic tennis match...

Anyway, the pictures you see are all wonderful, pieces of estate history that now have purpose. This is just how I use it!

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cammyk said...

Hi Alexa,
OMG, I love,love,love this post! I can SO relate to every word. I too do not have any matching bathroom sets. Actually, come to think of it, I doubt I have a matching set of anything!

Thanks so much for visiting me becuase now I have another delightful blog friend. I look forward to visiting you again.