Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do You Please Me?

"I'm a small canvas covered in strips of vintage silk scarves. I sit on an easel. I exude brilliant color. I brighten even the darkest space. I provide texture and history of prior trends. I am unique.
Am I I please?"

What is art? I ask myself this question daily as I attempt to create some pile of something into another pile of something else. From my understanding of art as a must consist of starting with a blank page, adding your creative juice through any variety of mediums (i.e. paint, pen, chalk,) and the end result being pleasing to the masses. But, as a somewhat creative adult, this definition has become quite archaic in my own brain.

Yes, there are schooled educators of art...and those that have learned techniques of various artists...and certainly those who can start with a blank page, add their creative juice and blow your mind. But, does this exclude those same creative people from being artists should they not fall under those type catagories?

Art to me has such a grey parameters of qualifications to fall "art" criteria. It is all art as defined by the artist. The only question really relevant is asked by the artist to his/her work of art...
"Do you please me?"

"The pride of the artisan in his art
and its uses is pride in himself...
It is in his skill and ability to make things
as he wishes them to be that he rejoices."
--George Santayana


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I just created some pile of something into another pile of something crowns. Come see. Love your blue grapes!

Tara said...

so nice to read about your daily road to inspiration

Whitney Johnson said...

I've got quite a few crafty piles going on myself! I appreciate your thoughts about art, and the discussion you initiate. I personally have a hard time mustering the self-confidence I need to call myself an artist. I am surrounded by a family (for generations) of "real, trained" artists. I definately feel that it's in me... I'm working on it.
By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog - it was my first one. :) And (drumroll), now I have a few pictures - come see!