Monday, February 11, 2008

A Girl That Is Very Happy

This was my favorite find of the weekend. A bowl of words! While my daughter was attending a birthday party, I shopped at the largest thrift store in our area. There is something about going in a thrift store...the unique bouquet...the unknown treasure innocently sitting on the shelf waiting for you...the unexplained pricing structure of everything...and the perpetual interesting/annoying announcement that bellows across the entire building regarding the safety of your children and shopping carts. (obviously, there has been an issue with children and shopping carts) It is truly a buffet of the senses.

I wandered around for about an hour and fifteen minutes. In one of my final laps down the "this area is anything and everything that doesn't have a designated area", I noticed the tiny recycled former sandwhich bag with words. It is at this very moment you feel the cone of light beaming over your head and you know this is the very reason I've wandered around for one hour and fifteen minutes. I have found the treasure....WORDS!

Of course, the next fear much? In a thrift store, pricing can be somewhat random to the consumer, yet I'm sure logical to the "pricing person". I have yet to understand, and this particular time was no exception. My little bag of words was thirty-seven cents. Not thirty-five...or fifty cents, but thirty-seven. With quick haste, I dashed to the check-out and made my purchase. I am now...


michelle said...

Makes it double treasure when something is priced great! Cool find!

cammyk said...

I know exactly what you mean about pricing. There is a rather large thrift store I visit and the pricing is so random....and always ends in a nine.

I too would be a very happy girl if I found those words! Enjoy.