Friday, February 1, 2008

Pen Tales or Pins Tell? there is a sport my family loves to play. We all stink, but can kill a rainy, snowy afternoon in a bowling alley without any problem. This mini (about 5" tall) bowling pin was obviously a high score or tournament type award for some bowling aficionado. The number "212" is sharpied on the side. Obviously, someone could knock down some pins. Can you imagine the glee of receiving such an award? 212 is only 88 from playing a perfect game...keep in mind I can't score 88 in a game. I found this piece of vintage memorabilia in a yard sale for .25. All those pins that had to go down just to get it...and then the proof of good effort is thrown out amongst the worn out clothes and rusty skillets. Wow, the tales we could pen, or is it the stories the pin could tell?


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I think you really found a great little treasure in the bowling pin. I have red duck pin balls that I bought at a flea market and use in a vignette on top of an armoire. xo Lynn

Monica Yvette said...

Great photo-I wish I could find type blocks like those!