Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Twisted Rorschach Test!

Met with an old friend yesterday, and had the pleasure of meeting a new friend as well. Upon developing new friendships, it is inevitable that unknown to you a list of criteria begins to form about the extent this friendship will grow and develop. At my ripe age of "getting old", there is no doubt I have created some key "kindred spirit" points that directly impact the furthering of friendship. Maybe this list of "friendship rules" begins to reflect how you are willing to spend your limited amount of free time...maybe it's your getting old and cranky and doing something you don't want to do is easy to determine...maybe its the matured filter system is waaaay more quick to judge. Should it be any of these or all, this unwritten list plays a role in advancing where you go in a relationship.

The picture above could easily represent my form of a Rorschack test. For someone who loves junk, and appreciates the used and weathered, this photo can easily determine many levels of mutual "kindred spirit". The simple answers and responses below are very would you respond to this question: What do you see?

a. junk on a trunk
b. there's a paper skeleton....I love those!
c. 8 Tracks....I had a case just like that, let's see if they have AC/DC
d. look, armless dolls...they must have been loved to death
e. I've been needing another crystal serving piece, that looks interesting
f. hey! that's a print just like my granny's
g. pretty the frame!
h. my friend has been looking for some scales, how much are they? her birthday is coming up...
i. why would anyone put those yard sale rejects on their nice cadillac?
j. garbage...or donations to Goodwill

The responses can be varied...but, to someone who supports the twisted Rorschach Personality Variation Test, it is quite telling. Tell me what you see...three or four of these answers...or just one?


what's in a name? said...

my answer would be:
k. what's in the drawer?!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

. . .Or the dolls' owner may have had a big brother. ;-)
Fun window into your psyche.


M&Co said...

a, d, e, f, g, h is what I see :-)! I love finding treasures, but I'm quite picky, and I love hunting for gifts, actually thats my favourite part, giving :-)

Tara said...

I think I'm g the prints!

lia said...

I saw what looked like some fleamarket finds on my dad's old first thought was, "it's been a while since I've had a good junkin' trip/fix"...I then saw the mirror shot...great capture.

Alisha said... first thought was also, what is in the drawer!? also, i had to enlarge the pic to see if that was a scale up top....luv scales *so long as it's not one i can stand on!*...the skeleton, next...because I collect all things Halloween:)

I just discovered your blog and have to say that I adore your whimsical ideas! I also find beauty in the old and discarded:) I am stealing some of your clever ideas!!!