Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's An Art Day!

This is one of the latest completions. I named it "Two Birds Squared". Everything lately seems to have a repeating element in it. Obviously, birds were on my mind.

My husband will look at something I do, and make a quick assessment in under 30 seconds...totally missing the point of what I'm trying to accomplish. (In his defense, this assessment generally occurs when he is watching a ballgame of some sort, so said, "assessment" must be made during a commercial or time-out.)

But, should proper mulling, finger on chin thinking, and observing take place, my hope is to create "a-ha" type blips in the brain. Upon looking at something I make...it is not so much the artistry...as the cool stuff used to
create it. I am a purest and only use the real thing...no photocopying...
no new look alike stuff...only the re-used and re-purposed stuff that was once something else. Hopefully, it's goodies that remind you of some pleasant time in your life.

So, to you, my most respected critics...I ask you to look deep into the work and tell me what the birds are made of?...tell me what were the wings at some point in life? Look deep and tell me what you see.


Patricia said...

Love it!

Cards from a game, ticket stubs, playing cards & I can't figure out the last one w/ the tan criss-cross pattern. At first I thought it was sandpaper, but when I enlarged the photo I could see a pattern. I give ~ what's the last one??


Patricia said...

And bingo cards ~ I forgot bingo cards!

what's in a name? said...

I love these birds!! They are so neat. Would you care to play a game of tag? You are it! Check my blog for details.
- Heidi

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

As always, Your blog amazes me. So fresh and thought provoking. I see playing cards, ticket stubs, bingo cards and something about Old Blue Eyes. :)