Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Gaudy Gorgeous!

My Dad had a phrase he used all the time...."It's Gaudy Gorgeous!" When I was younger, I didn't get it. Everything he termed 'gaudy gorgeous' was hideous to me. I could find no beauty in his highly ornamented, colorful, sparkly, 'larger than life' taste. He was a product of the depression era, and I'm sure that somewhat influenced the material things he liked. As with most everyone, your tastes change as you get older. Things that once seemed hideous, now may look appealing. Where I once would have walked by quickly...I now may stop and look.

A recent trip to an antique mall led me to a booth filled with all forms of decadent lighting. My taste generally lends more to a simpleton style...but, the collection of chandeliers and lamps were a vision for the eyes. I stopped and gazed, and quickly tried to describe what was in my sight...and the only two words retrievable were...GAUDY GORGEOUS! Yes, this booth was a rainbow of refraction...a depository of glass prisms...a conglomeration of crystal opulence. I stood there about 15 minutes trying to consume it all. The vision was spectacular!

Very possibly the abundance of product made the display; yet, there is no doubt should anyone have purchased something from this booth...they had a flair for the elaborate. All this being said, the process of seeing the booth and reminding me of my Dad in such a fond way was certainly worth the process.

This booth and vision directly correlated to my Dad... he was a bit sparkly himself. Obviously, he taught me the correct use and definition for "Gaudy Gorgeous".


michelle said...

Love that term! I love chandeliers too, wish a had a sparkly one myself!

Whitney Johnson said...

That's a great memory, and it's neat how personal connections draw us to things that we otherwise might not appreciate.
Happy day...