Friday, April 4, 2008


I thought today we should revive some art again. This piece is very cleverly titled, "Houses". It is quite simple in its idea, but completely filled with past paper remembrances. Each house is unique and requires much observation to see the variety of past papers we all will be familiar. Once again, it goes along with my theory of "more is more...and then add four things".

"My precept to all who build, is ,
that the owner should be an
ornament to the house,
and not the house to the owner."

My personal counterpoint to the above quote...

"My precept to all who build, is,
the owner should be an
ornament to the house,
and this ornamentation
should be reflected in the home."
--Alexa Lett
What do you think?


Erin Bassett said...

Love your houses!! And I totally agree with your counterpoint. :D

Whitney Johnson said...

I love, love this piece! And I agree with your counterpiont. I'm really drawn to the "home" theme in art, and homekeeping as an "art" in life. My Dad is an architect and's fun to discuss the philosophy of "home as art" with the way,I just made my first collage piece in the shape of a house!
Happy Day -

Roxie said...

I truly admire the little houses. I enlarged the photo so I could find all the wonderful past papers. Terrific job!!!

what's in a name? said...

Wonderful colors...the houses are so cool! And the horseshoe - love it!

Kara Ward said...

Your art is amazing. So glad I found your site. Kara

missy j said...

Love your stuff! I have been SO into houses! this is a great piece. I will be using your, more is more quote....I will be giving you credit, of course!
Love it!