Friday, April 18, 2008

Prepare For New Technology...

My postings up to this point have generally been about love for collecting vintage stuff...and personal viewpoints on various things...but, today, I felt the need to share a recent form of grooming I discovered while traveling. Because, I feel someday this little piece of machinery will surface at a flea market and a similar conversation will occur.

A recent trip and meal to a restaurant led me to be excused to the ladies room. With much astonishment, I saw a "hair flattening vending machine" mounted ever so beautifully on the wall just to the right of the paper towel dispenser, and to the left of the bathroom stalls. There is no doubt restrooms and vending machines open the door for interesting technology, but this one certainly hit me by surprise. There smack in front of my face was a black mechanical device hung head high on the wall. It was covered with two pictures...a beautiful woman with long flowing curls and the same woman pictured with stick straight hair. This machine promised with the simple release of one pound into its tummy it would provide me with two minutes of sterile, incredibly hot plates to either curl or straighten my hair. With minimal words it confirmed this was just the beautification pick me up I needed.

I stood there and read the instructions...held the wand in my hand...and wondered if women really do this? I can only speak for myself...but, the thoughts of using such a tool, just as many may have before me...seemed somewhat odd. I was torn between appreciating such clever technology....or wondering how far we will go to insure a "beautification pick me up". I'm not quite sure, but it did make me want to invent something.

Light Bulb Begins To Flicker: After I've just eaten, I often want to brush my teeth. Do you think a universal electric toothbrush adorned with pictures of bright sparkly teeth, and simple warnings of gingivitis and plaque, laying in a container of antiseptic would warrant a money changer?

Prepare for new technology.....

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michelle said...

Wow! I cannot believe that!