Friday, May 30, 2008

A Piece of Americana!

During the long Memorial weekend, I had the pleasure of stepping back in time just a wee bit. The family decided to do a little recreational biking and ended one of our 17 mile rides at a piece of nostalgia. This little drive-in theatre was terrific! It is one of the few and certainly oldest outdoor theatres of its kind in the nation. This form of cinematic entertainment is slowly being replaced...but, never fear, the Moonlight Theatre was packed.

Advanced technology may provide beautiful, realistic images....surround sound....and delicious catered food....but, the Moonlight Theatre
provided family time....picnicing....and enjoyment of the outdoors. It was outstanding!

From the moment we stepped back in time by passing the neon entry sign above...the evening was filled with popcorn smells and entertainment. The owner of the theatre announced every detail about the history of its humble beginnings... all the way down to the fact the light bulb that projected the film had to cool off 12-14 minutes in between movies or it would "bust". He also formerly worked with Elvis, and serenaded the crowd prior to the movie trailers with "Love Me Tender". What better piece of Americana to celebrate on Memorial Day!


Thank you to everyone that sent wonderful comments and the glorious emails. You never really know who is reading until occasions such as this. Thanks for marking my 100th post with such sweet sentiments! It has been fun! Below are the winners. All the names from comments and emails were put into a hat and drawn out at random. All five of you need to send me an email with your mailing address and off the prize will go to your front door! Email me at:

The winner of the art is: Karen B. of Recycled Rita. Just drop me an email with your mailing address and your walls receive a little garnish.

The fabulous papers go to Arlene! Just drop me an email with your mailing address for quick delivery!

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The Domino Necklace goes to Karen Greenfield. Just drop me an email with your mailing address and I will quickly deliver this funky little piece of jewelry!

The vintage recycled necklace goes to Julie B. Just send me a quick email with your mailing address and off it will come to you!


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Cool Moonlight Theatre photo. I know how wonderful to get away for a bit.

Whitney Johnson said...

Congratulations on a successful 100th post extravaganza! You've definately been an inspiration to me. I'm now teaching at two studios, and I've started my own business Paddywacks Studio. My handmade items - including the scrap shirts that you admired -will soon be for sale at one of the most lovely shops in my town.
Wow. Thanks for your inspiration and kind response to my questions. It has meant more than you realize!
Happy Day - Whitney