Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Because Your Seven!

Finally....something with my name on it. Since I was a little girl, all my friends could find cool key chains, pencils, note pads, charms...with their name on it. My personalized items all came from a "Sharpie". My name became a bit of a resentment for a little while...I wanted something cool, and on a spinner rack you could find at any Stuckey's found on the highways of America. Little did I know at the ripe age of seven, this would soon pass. Names were not given for key chain purposes...they only become a marketing widget for children at age seven. But, just like any self-absorbed child...wanting to dangle their name emblazoned thing-a-ma-bob...I wanted a name that could be found easily. It soon became a joke in my you know how many key chains I've been given with "Alex" on it...and an "a" sharpied there after. Thank goodness age...maturity...and time...develop confidence, and the need to be just who you are. Name or not. It does not become necessary to put your name on anything to retain your identity.

My Dad found this novel. He said the name of it was the strong buying factor. The artwork is not really me...but, I find it interesting...quite Art Deco meets Victorian.

The novel is written by this lovely lady, Anne Melville. She lives in England with her family, and writes beautiful novels about Alexa Lorimer and her family.

This may not be a key chain...but, it's even better...a book! I don't think it made the best sellers list in 1979, but it made my favorite's list in 2007! Why does your name have to be on a spinner rack? It's because your seven.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. My Granddaughter's name is Alexa. She is 6. My daughter and I are always looking for "name" things. Her boy's names are also not available. We never found things for my daughter either -Annmarie - but for myself- yes- I have coffee mugs and all manner of things for Elizabeth.

Buffy said...

I know exactly what you mean. When I was little it always made me sad that my name was so different and the fact that everytime I looked for my name on keychains,pencils,and anything they sold I was always dissapointed.Now that I'm older I like that my name is different. Its who I am! I'm not ordinary and I'm happy about that! By the way I love the book!Just to display in your home would be beautiful!
"Buffy" (told you it was different)

Tara said...


It was a long, long time before I found my name on anything...and my children have very Irish names and I so think think they will either!


Rho said...

oh what memories this entry of yours brought to mind! lol my father named me... Rhonda... which i love the fact that he named me, but i could never find my name on ANYTHING! or if i did, they spelled it without the "h"... so it was wrong and i was so disappointed. i also grew up with everybody singing "help me rhonda" by the beach boys everytime they saw me... disturbing to say the least when growing up! lol... now that i'm older... i love that my name wasn't always a very "popular" one (though it has been used more than in past years) and i made my peace with the beach boys song! lol for years i had my son convince that they wrote and sang it just for me! LOL when he was about 7 or so he figured/found it out and confronted me "Mom!!!!" lol. but he's ok with it now too! lol thanks for the memories!

what's in a name? said...

Fun fun! Your name is so very cool! My name, on the other hand, was the name of every wienner dog in town when I was growing up!

Fat & Sassy said...

I totally know where you are coming from...I always would look at the racks in all the stores for something and never came across my name...the closest was Kay. Stuckey's brought back such memories...I worked at one just out side of Holbrook on rt 66! I love all the things you find and share with us...