Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pilgrimage Artisans!

One more visit down pilgrimage lane...with a couple of my favorite artists found at the Country Living Fair. Below is the work of Kitty Babendreiera. Fantastic little vintage shadow box vignettes. I purchased this black and white version as a little treat for my, oh my was he excited! And this little cutie was for my Mom-To-Be friend. She is my artistic friend that can appreciate my affection for the less typical in gift-giving presents. Now this is a necklace that will roll heads....(did you hear the snare drum and cymbal crash?) This lady makes unique and clever jewelry...Dara DiMagno! She was a delightful woman, teaches school by day...and obviously, makes fantastic baubles by night. My PP and I each had to have a 'head' necklace. The hat on the head is a salt-n-pepper top (clever?). It was just so funky and different....oh, above her head it says, "last word"...hmmmm. All of this fantastic art was found at the Earth, Angels, Toys booth. They also have a terrific website....give it a look...


Kimberly Miller said...


That is so awesome. I love things in life that are "out of the ordinary" as that is me to a tee. The necklace is out of this world and the shadow boxes are truly one of a kind. You must have had a fabulous time.


Natalie Jane said...

I love the baby art. So cool.