Friday, October 3, 2008

Who Would Have Thought It?

Finally, I have finished some art!!! My foot has just about driven me crazy....every thought, moment...and creative juice available in my brain has been plagued with pain and fatigue. My studio/art room is in my basement...which adds about eighteen steps (one way) into my day. Once I finally get down there...I have got to stay. Either I'm getting used to it...or the medication is stacking up in my system... and/or my tolerance level seems to be increasing. But, the last three days have included extended windows of creative time. Yea!! You would think with this much time at home I could produce something. Well...its coming!

I chose this quote, "be not merely good; be good for something" because it seems to express my current situation. Sitting and doing nothing "bad"...could easily justify the first four words...but the last four words are clearly my weak point. I'm not much good for anything right now. I am sooooooo high maintenance. Most everything I do requires assistance.... I hate feeling dependent. Even I am dependent on my creative way of doing things. I've learned something interesting about my own creative does not include sitting. I must stand the whole time I'm working....never noticed until now. So, sitting has included me picking up a needle and incorporating it into the process...the piece above is the first efforts of my new found creative experience. My needlework is somewhat primitive...but, oddly a pleasing catharses.

The wounded foot, I must now thank for making me create in a different way. Who would have thought it?

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