Thursday, November 6, 2008

Handmade Goody At An Art Fair!

One of my very fun friends has a great little store called "Frame of Mind". She is having a Fall Open House for the next three days. She graciously lets me put any art or jewelry I create to be beautifully displayed and sold. I'm in a "make a small little token of a piece of art so most anyone could afford to buy it for their friend" gift making mode. This inspiration came from.... I recently attended this wonderful art show....every booth filled with outstanding pieces of fantastic creativity! I saw oodles of great pieces that I would have loved to purchase for a number of different friends and myself...yet, the average price of everything was about $500. Unfortunately, I cannot much as I would like purchase art at this price point in quantity. I remember back in my college days I would attend art fairs and wine about the same problem...although, I was only buying for myself... I just wanted to attend...see something wonderful and make a purchase. Now mind you, in those days my price point was somewhat sadder than it is today...but, nonetheless, my interest in buying an inspiring piece of art was still there. I went home many times with nothing. I vowed to always have a small line of goodies affordable to the 10 year old on a $5 a week budget. Everyone should be able to purchase a handmade goody at an art fair. Well this year, I'm living up to my creative little quirky assemblages that are quite affordable. Small...inexpensive...and you can take it home!


scrapwordsmom said...

We have an art fair here every fall and Em and I LOVE to purchase little, inspiring pieces of art. Good idea, Alexa!

Whitney Johnson said...

I so agree! I just participated in my first one, and I made sure that I had some affordable goodies. I know that people appreciated that (I would have). :)
I love your sweet little piece!