Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life Goes Full Circle!

I've been studying many of my favorite artists...and it is quite evident and almost impossible to not let their influence play a role in your creations. Many times I get conflicted about doing this process...but, it is impossible not to study, observe, enjoy and appreciate others who create works you love. The hope is to create works that can be influenced, but integrated with your own personal unique style. I have never been a needle person...sewing on a button was truly a burden. I can do it...just do not enjoy it. But, my lifestyle (sitting at a pool approximately 8-10 hours a week, no Internet availability, and absolutely nothing else to do) in creativity has led me to incorporating some stitching strictly by necessity. Sitting around and waiting for your child to complete practice produces too much wasted must fill it with productivity! My daughter has recently taken a sewing class at school, and has requested a sewing machine for Christmas....oh, the irony. I had a sewing machine....I think I turned it on maybe three times....donated it to the very class my child attended this year, two years ago. She made her first apron on my donated sewing machine. Now, I feel certain Santa will be purchasing a sewing machine...again...this year...hmmmm. My how life goes full circle...even in the creative world!

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arlene said...

YUM! Love your work...arlene