Monday, November 24, 2008

Stop, Snap & Crack!

"A sudden violent jolt of it has been known
to stop the victim's watch,
snap his suspenders
and crack his glass eye right across."
-Irvin S. Cobb
I don't know what the definition of "it" was referenced in the above quote...but, I do know what "it" would stop my watch, snap my suspenders and crack my glass eye....a quilt! Yes, the above quilt was in a yardsale just this past Saturday morning.
Simply coming home from swim practice....saw the handmade sharpie drawn "yard sale" sign...and with my super dee duper....mega distance....junk detector glasses determined this sale had possibility. Pulled over and saw from approximately 30 feet a stack of bedding that began the "oh my I think it's a quilt" tingly feeling rushing over my being...and upon closer assessment I made junk WAS a quilt. I then gently picked it up...gave it the corner to corner whoosh that opened it up on the ground...and saw complete...beautiful....great torn fabric....a handmade quilt I couldn't live without. Asked the price....promptly whipped out my $15 and off I went to add it to my collection.
Just a simple recipe of soap and softener...and this quilt immediately made it to the den. Just three easy moves...stop by the sale...snap my junk filtration vision across the yard....and crack open my wallet to exchange funds for goods. Stop...snap....and crack!

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arlene said...

EXCITING...just plumb exciting. WOOT. Happy for you...