Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Two Heads Are Better Than One!

"A kiss is a gentle reminder
that two heads are better than one."
Found these two pitiful, and what I hope to be, massively loved little baby doll heads the other day. There is something charming about both of them. I placed them on the stairwell of our home, where my family goes up and down every day of the year multiple times. I've not heard one comment. Now this can be taken two ways: 1. they think it is so weird they refuse to comment 2. they are so unobservant they still haven't seen them Who knows what is going on...but, I love the quote completely justifies the two heads in a symbolic and gentle way. Tucking interesting little pieces around my house can create unique conversations....can't wait to hear this one.


Whitney Johnson said...

That's funny...they must be used to your sense of humor. :) I know mine are - and even if no one says anything, just having doll heads on the stairs is, well, entertaining all on it's own! p.s. i"ve got a scrap shirt give-away going on now. :)

Lola Enchanted said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

The top one looks like a doll my sister who is 72 had in the 40's. The doll's name/manufacturer was McGuffey and had acloth body withe same kind of composition arms and legs as her head. Good find!! Karen Greenfield