Sunday, December 7, 2008

All Naturale Is Quite Perfect

Just returned from my local Lowe's....honey had to purchase more electrical blingage for the Grizwald family Christmas display in the front yard. While the family determined which totally obnoxious, yet sparkly electrified yard ornament they felt was needed to enhance the current pile of obscenely sparkly electrified yard ornaments...I wandered around. In my effort to avoid looking at said electrified yard ornaments...I went to see the decor that I feel makes it the Christmas season. Poinsettias! To my dismay...I stumbled across the above paint blown versions. What was once a beautiful, natural form of Christmas tradition colored with rich shades of red, pink and white, has now been enhanced with the most unrealistic colors of royal blue, gold sparkles, fuchsia and purple! I am always an advocate of creativity...but, paint colored poinsettias? The people that gathered around the display all seemed as perplexed as I was. Strange comments and confused expressions all seem to ask the same question, "why?". I was completely torn as to whether the plants were pretty or such a freak of nature it made you look? Creativity abounds...but, I think it is not always necessary. Sometimes all naturale is quite perfect.

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Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I totally agree with you on this one Alexa. NO painted poinsettias for me. Last year I did get the cutest large candy cane from Lowe's made from evergreens. It hung in my kitchen window and was just delightful. Happy Holidays ~ Lynn