Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas in August!

The art of a good junker is always keeping the radar up...attentive...and willing to purchase with no purpose at the present. The downside to this philosophy (as defined by my significant other) the insatiable need to keep everything with the guaranteed hope that someday it will come in handy. Thus, creating stockpiles of eclectic watch-a-ma-bobs that seem to have little or any purpose. Nevertheless....the junker prevails in this story. My daughter and I regularly stop by a particular thrift store in our've heard about it many times. One extremely hot and humid day in August of 2008...(in Tennessee the heat and humidity can bring you to your knees) we made our typical "run in - scope - and purchase" and there in a large bin in the front of the store were snow shovels, sleds, hockey sticks...and the above pair of pristine white ice skates...with a sign reading "Anything in the bin....$1." As you stand there putting your antiperspirant to the ultimate test....loosing weight through excreted perspiration...dreaming of a time you might have the opportunity to use the discarded recreational snow toys...I envisioned the completely unused skates bringing my Christmas decor a whisper of winter hope! I snapped up the skates...thanked the junker charma...and now remember of thinking about Christmas in August!

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