Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Want It To Be Memorable!

"The Greatest Gift is a portion of thyself."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I noticed many of the blogs I daily read are featuring a post discussing the "worst or best" gift ever received...which got me to thinking about what gifts might fall under this category for me. So, I elected to tell the most "memorable" gift saga. In a former life I was a working musician. Pretty much spent every Friday and Saturday night playing a rehearsal and wedding. I have played so many nuptials it makes me tired....I have even played for the second and third wedding of many blushing brides. This time in my life is for the most part a complete "Here Comes The Bride" blur. As a wedding musician...I generally charged a fee...but, this particular Christmas wedding my fee envelope came with a gift. I'm sitting at the rehearsal dinner party with a table of complete strangers when the generous Christmas gifts were passed out by a Wedding-ish dressed Santa Claus. We all began to open our gifts....everyone watching and wondering what each other was receiving...when I opened my present to pull the beautiful tissue away to find a lovely pair of white silk Granny Panties. The kind that make your bottom appear 18 inches long...the kind that totally insure you are not in the least bit interested in being seen in them...the kind that you know your mother would approve of...the kind that make you cringe should anyone think you actually wear them. The whole table had this little quick suction of air....followed by a tiny little moment of silence...followed by someone yelling "Merry Christmas!" I quickly tabled my underclothing...smiled....and hoped my future husband was not inadvertently attending this wedding party unbeknown st to me. I kept the box...tissue...and panties in my lingerie drawer for about 10 years. It remained a reminder of what not to give....unless you want it to be memorable!

The 200th Post is really, really soon!

We will honor the occasion with a Handmade Gift!

Check back tomorrow to see!


Anita J. said...

My Dearest Alexa,

Thank you so much for sharing this little portion of your life with me. Sitting on my kitchen table at this very moment is a bag of panties my grandmother purchased and gave to my mom, who didn't want them. Granny thought I should get a chance at them before they go to Goodwill.

What was a bag of unwanted panties may be a treasure after all (how perfect that this discovery should come through your blog! I am now wondering if I shouldn't roll each pair of panties then wrap and tie on a little poem for my girl mind is whirring with ideas.

My only fear is that some other granny might miss the opportunity to purchase some great underwear at a discount.

Steve Rodli said...

Hi Alexa, Just thought I'd try to comment...we'll see if it goes through? I like the way you tell things. Happy happies. Joyce

Steve Rodli said...

Happy Dance going on even as i write out another comment...high fiv'in and elbows flapping. Your banner art just gave me an idea...the red background/my translation -plastic placemats! Joyce.