Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pin Cushion Parade!

Do you ever have a fixation on perhaps a "tool of the trade"...but, not necessarily a fondness for the trade? I have never been a seamstress....probably never will...but, I love one of the most important instruments of the trade of sewing you might say....PIN CUSHIONS! Yes, these little havens of history that house the infamous straight pin is one of my favorite little pieces of creative history. Did you know.... Pincushions were first recorded in history during the Tudor reign in 15th century England. Metal pins were a very costly and precious items in those early days and before the 15th century were kept in small cases made of bone, ivory, or silver. During the Tudor era, simple stuffed shapes started to be used instead of the cases. They began by being made of colorful and elaborately decorated silks and linens, replete with tassels and laces. According to "The Haven For Quilts, Baskets and Patterns". I think it's just really cool that a tool has basically survived the technology era. It has somehow managed to escape the engineers of advancement. There have been no ports...docking stations...or electricity integrated into the housing capabilities of a straight pin. As far as I know...there has been little enhancement from the initial pin cushion to now...and I don't see it changing too much in the near future. It still is a container or pillow stuffed with soft material, so straight pins can be stored easily. Simple. This fascination has brought me to the ongoing pin cushion parade. For the past few days my creative juices have been making pin cushions in every possible way....see what you think...

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Utah Grammie said...

Gee, I thought it was just me - I love pun cushions and I don't sew! I have just a few but I love the ones that people are creatively making now and LOVE the vintage ones!
Your's is a real cutie!