Monday, February 9, 2009

Buzzards Are Back!

Is this not the most ghoulish picture? I could easily see this on a Halloween card...or perhaps a still photo from a "psycho" type movie...but, this photo was taken my neighborhood....on February 9, 2009. Hmmmm. These 'turkey buzzards' (as I've been told) once a year flock to this one area in my neighborhood. They tend to only like this cluster of trees, on this particular street. This home was built amongst the primo cluster of trees since last year, and have now become a favorite roosting place. These giant birds sit with their wings completely extended for 15-20 minutes. I know this because, I've actually sat and watched them. These ugly, giant, very large pooping birds fascinate me! I was unaware of their recent arrival..but, my honey played golf yesterday and shared the news. The giant, ugly buzzards are back!


Annie Pazoo said...

I remember moving to my home 10 years ago, and asking a neighbor what the swarm of very large birds was. I thought they were hawks or eagles (big wingspans!) until I saw their heads. Ugly turkey buzzards! They also take over a group of huge, dense blue spruce pine trees...they can hide pretty well in their. They do look perfect, however, on that gothic or italianate slate roof (yours?)!

Steve Rodli said...

The things that make us look twice!!! Here's to facinating. Happy happies. Joyce