Friday, February 20, 2009

"Music fills the infinite between two souls."
-Rabindranath Taqore
Last night was my first night to present "Find Your M.O.J.O. making a handmade product" to a group of creative artisans at Morris Galleries in Sweetwater, TN. You must visit this wonderful...creative... and artful retail environment. By simply going to the website you can see this is quite a cool place. The owner has decided to share her love of art by expanding the presence of the store through Gallery Educational Events (GEE!). I was the second scheduled class, and it was a blast! Great food....beautiful surroundings...and oodles of Kindred Spirits! Plus, I have the honor of now having my art available for sale in this award winning gallery. I'm so excited! Please go to their site and check out what is going on! Very often you meet people and know you have a bond, but time and the chance to share your background is needed to confirm the possibility. You could say...we filled a little infinite space with some great music last night!


Steve Rodli said...

Cool for you Alexa! Happy happies to you, have ablessed weekend. Joyce

Anonymous said...

As an attendee of Alexa's talk, I can attest to the quality of it. It was informative, fun and inspiration!
"the mutt..."

Moose Ridge said...

how very wonderful! I'll have to go check it out one weekend -- it's only a couple of hours for me!!

Dunlap TN