Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sharing A Funny!

Yes, it's a peacock! It seems innocent enough...the size is irrelevant...the purpose unknown...the objective of its beauty unidentified. It is assumed it has value! Well, this particular peacock comes in a pair...and it's not a set of bookends. They are peacocks.
My daughter and I were on the prowl for great junk and ran head-on into this simple little pair of fowl. We were overwhelmed! They protruded from the booth like a wart on a nose. Two innocent little birds screaming, "I need a home!".
The peacock size was certainly startling...but, upon picking them up...they were weightless. There was no hole for filling with sand or water....they were just what you see. My daughter and I were howling! After much debate...we still have no idea what you would do with them. If put outside...the slightest breeze would relocate them to another county....if put inside, you need a bookshelf or mantle the size Paul Bunyan might have in his home. They were beautiful, almost picturesque peacocks with absolutely no purpose that we could determine. We concluded the value was to provide us humor. So....I thought I would share a funny! Enjoy....


Utah Grammie said...

those are too too..ah..odd! Can you imagine - a whole factory somewhere (?) designing these, producing these, SHIPPING these?? Funny - you made me smile!

L~ said...

HA-wonder when they were made???

Fun stuff, a little junk, a little mystery, a little history! :)

Cute pic of you girls, your daughters expression is priceless!

Thanks for sharing the funny! :)


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

HAHA! Looks like the real treasure is in fun memories you and your gal share with such a fun, weird, kitsch-y discovery! That is why I love shopping with my girls too--

Jenniwren said...

Fabulous peacocks!
Thanks for sharing. :-)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

LOL...I like them. If I had a beach cottage they would be going in it. And see that circus piece in the background? I had that piece and sold it to a gal in England. Her baby nursery was a circus theme. Just stopping by to say Hi...Hi. ~ Lynn