Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yell Loud!

Yet some more treasure hunting of the retail variety, while visiting my Mom this past weekend. This particular flea market/antique mall has not been on my radar in a long time. Many years ago, I visited regularly and it slowly became the place to bring your unwanted clothes...broken coffee makers...and worn out Fischer Price have the picture. So, it was marked off the "favorite haunt" list. Just as we should be with others...I gave it another chance. WOO HOO! The tides of good junk had swept through...removed all the spit-up t-shirts...Mr. Iced Tea machines...and the giant plastic boat that serves as a swimming pool, or a sand box. It was full of yummy....tingle creating...old....junk! Upon walking in the daughter and I both sucked in enough air to create a hyperventilation experience. We could see from this very vantage point...this had potential...real potential. We each grabbed a buggy...and off we went.
I found this sign quite seemed to be the customer service policy of this retail establishment. If you had a question...problem...need....YOU had to yell loud to get some help. All across the room you could hear "Dot....this don't have a much you want for it?" Obviously, Dot was the proprietor. She never left the cashier's station....took a look from about 27 yards...and screamed out a price. Everyone seemed to be quite pleased with this form of assistance and Dot continued to watch her "stories".
This is exactly the essence of the have to love it! So, the next time you seem confused...disoriented...discombobulated....just YELL LOUD, IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!
More tomorrow on the junking trip.....


L~ said...

Ahhhh totally coveting that sign!

That would go so well in my casa, I'm LOUD, in a non-angry way! :)

I was a Correction's Officer for a SHORT time :) And we had to YELL in certain cell blocks b'cuz of the acoustical problems(good times) soooo, on occasion I use my, "jail voice!" HA :)

Thanx for sharing! L~

Natalie Jane said...

Just a little green right now. (With envy. Not because I am trying to save earth.)

Tara said...

Didn't you just want that sign??

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Well if it's my responsibilty. . . .GREAT POST!!!!