Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Just A Stick!

The family and I recently had dinner at one of our favorite places Brasstown Valley Resorts and Spa. The most striking aspect of this resort, besides the fantastic dining room...and the golf course...and the aesthetics that surround the place...and the many the interior lobby. The place has this rustic, log cabin-y feel.
They have taken beauty to a new level.
Everything is themed around one of the simplest pieces of nature...the stick.
Something with minimal color...inconsistent texture, size and type
becomes the most intriguing form of decorating.
Everything features the stick. The tables, the frames, a grandfather clock and the hand rails.
Even the ornamental decor items feature the common twig!
Never underestimate the beauty of one of nature's most simple elements.
Brasstown Valley saw the stick as decor and beauty,
and now everyone else sees it is more than just a stick!


Julie said...

I love these - i have always been fascinated with tables and the like made from twigs and branches - thanks for sharing. Where are my pruners?

Kimberly Miller said...

This stick thing is really cool. It's given me new ideas for neat things to make. Awesome post.