Monday, April 6, 2009

The Artistry of Sports!

My absence has been filled with sports! My little offspring loves SPORTS! We swim year round...and as of this year, we have added volleyball. She is a member of a city league team that plays approximately three months out of the year. This past weekend I attended the most phenomenal sporting event, the Big South Volleyball Tournament. Picture this.... 1. Walking into one of the most open spaces under one roof with walls (a gazillion square feet). 2. Hundreds of volleyball courts in this room as far as the eye can see. 3. Thousands of beautiful young women 13-18 years of age. 4. Spandex embellished with sequins, colorful ribbons and very girly uniforms. 5. A very high decibel of cheering and screaming. 6. A faint smell of sweat and perfume (not necessarily displeasing, but not a scent I would buy in a bottle). It made the hair on your arms salute and take notice. The immense visual display was quite fantastic! As someone who has organized trade shows (while a part of the working world), my first instinct is to fall to my knees and bow before the soul that organized such an event. The vast number of people, equipment, planning meetings and food is overwhelming. I was there three full days...and I'm not aware of one "hitch in the net" you might say. It was a wonderful experience. Things I learned... 1. Boys between the ages of 13-18 would have heart palpitations visiting this event. 2. Those who say mass quantities of estrogen cause conflicts....I say: "estrogen-schmestrogen" 3. Sports uniforms can be made feminine...take a look at the pink ones above. 4. Yes, it is appropriate to wear sequin headbands while participating in a sport. 5. There are fantastic coaches that truly enjoy the sport and share it with their athletes. 6. Girls hanging out together is still a "good" thing. Artistry can be found in the most unusual places...I saw it on a volleyball court....ssss!


kristi lee said...

How fun! I'm an ol' volleyball girl myself. Played all through middle and high school and have WONDERFUL memories. I was on the first wave of the spandex thing...I thought that drew enough attention. To hear that they are decorated now just makes me giggle...I would totally be in on that action!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Amazing! Yay for sequins. :)