Saturday, April 18, 2009

Be Your Own Bird!

One of my greatest fears is being a Mom that is not in touch with her inner technology. The progression of many....many forms of communication portals is somewhat overwhelming. Since my day of the 8 track, times have changed and waaaay quicker than it used to. When my daughter says, "I text ed you Mom", I want to know what she is talking about....and capable of doing it. I make it a point to semi-learn every new kind of techno gadgetry and computer wizardry possible. Keep in mind...I am not fluent in many things...but, can chit chat about a lot of things. To insure knowledge of the progression, I sign up for everything! So far: IPOD: got it, can download with the best of them Cell Phone: got it Text: do it E-mail: have three IM: do it all the time Website: got it and built it Blog: your reading it You Tube: have loaded a film My Space: did skip that one Facebook: have a page and.....drum roll please....I have officially! I still am a bit confused as to why anyone would want to read a brain blip of 160 characters, but nevertheless, I have a twitter account. I personally feel reading my eating habits or what I'm about to do seems quite boring and absolutely no value to anyone, so I have declared my twittering to be funky, positive mantras that twit into my brain. There you have it... Twitter: got it Just be your own bird!

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gingerwine said...

thought i would pop over and say hi as I have just come across your blog!

sam xx