Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I drive by this abandoned building every day...sometimes about four times. Judging by the decaying painted advertisements, it was formerly a grocery store. This little building sits right on a two lane road directly across from a rail road. Probably, a hub of activity in the early fifties. I never see anyone in or roaming around...just a building that seems to have stopped in time. All the fixtures and shelving remain inside, visible through the cracked glass windows. For the most part, this building has been unnoticed by any form of life for quite a while. Yet, the past two months the front door has become a type of alter.
It all started with the patriotic wreath...and then the many miscellaneous items on the steps. The collection includes several religious type books, bottle of water, can of peaches, box of oatmeal pies, bucket of snacks, and a basket of religious tracks. The black bag hanging on the door is the most recent addition and has a brand new religious type shelf ornament in it. This makeshift alter is so intriguing to me. After 60 days of rain, sleet, heat, poor economic times...nothing has been touched!
My faith in people respecting the reverence of what I think to be the death of possibly the owner of this renewed. I know no facts...I have no idea what this pile of stuff only serves as a form of respect for someone...I think. But, it made me watch from a distance and create a scenario that only creates more questions. Honor the vision....and honor the alter...and honor the person it possibly represents.


Jeanneoli said...

That is amazing that no one has taken anything....especially the oatmeal cream pies...those are good:-)

kristi lee said...

I check every day to see if the cream pies are still there too! Too funny...and I totally want to know what the background story is. Hello....local news...I'm sure they need a lead!