Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life's Mysteries!

Welcome to my world of obscure! Yes, as a celebration of my daughter's end of school year....we went junking at the flea market! We were both so excited to get there early....and stay late! The beauty of junking....is experiencing the weird...the odd....the unexplainable...the obscure...a mystery or two. So, trip down my path into all the above.... If you remember, the last time I went junking, I found an "A" that I so wanted...but oh, so heavy. This time I found one oh, so big. Is this not a fantastic "A"? Talking about a monogram in font 4,792....
This is a chair, ottoman and side table all made from animal horns and skins. Now out west this might be a common decor item...but, in the south...nope. I thought the McCoy green vase really set the whole ensemble off to a new level. Contradiction...my essence.
This may have been one of my favorite vignettes. Musty...dirty...manequin body parts scattered erratically next to a taxidermy turkey. Why?
Standing on its nose is a full size fake, plastic, green alligator. Who is the consumer?
Beautiful glass and vintage chandeliers...all hung in front of the restroom and showers. Yes, another form of contradiction.
We had a fantastic time, and stumbled upon some of life's mysteries. Check back in tomorrow...more to come!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I want those mannequin parts, seriously!! I'd love to get my hands on them, they sell like crazy here in Texas.

Anonymous said...

I think the mannequin parts, along with the stuffed turkey vulture and the alligator would make an interesting front yard vignette! You know, bury the body parts in the front yard with the alligator looking at them longingly! Of course have the turkey vulture perched in a tree near the scene of the crime! Just a thought...

Julie B.

Greg Ross said...

Hi Alexa,
Did you get those A's? If not where can I find them?
Also, Many thanks for posting the Estate of Confusion on your blog.
Come see me.