Friday, June 19, 2009

What Do You Think?

"We are one another's angels."
Are these not the most beautiful angels? I found them at an antique store this past weekend. The color is spectacular, stand about 4 feet tall and each is so pristine. The little candle is a bonus item!
The image appears to be a decal of some sort mounted on plywood and cut. They are identical. The giant block of wood weighs about 10 pounds and clearly allows these little beauties to stand. I can't wait to set them out at Christmas....but, I'm strongly considering that they might need to watch over me year round. What do you think?


cupcake studio said...

Those are awesome...adore the colors!

queenostuff said...

I vote for posting at least one of them on watch year-round. They are too lovely to relegate to storage. Maybe bring out the candle for special occasions-HA! One can never have too many angels (of the good variety of course!) hanging around.