Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whack A Doo Life!

I heard someone recently use the term: whack-a-doo I fell in love with this phrase. What does it mean? How would you use it properly in a sentence? As defined by Alexa Lett....artsy-craftsy merchant: whack-a-doo: - verb. a way to describe a whimsical, fun, not exactly orderly, inviting of abnormality, crazy and unique style. It is an antonym for normal. Sample sentences: The lifestyle of the Lett family can be described as whack-a-doo. The whack-a-doo jewelry set the creative woman apart from the crowd. Which led to this little piece of jewelry I made this afternoon. The non-profit organization, "I Live Here-Creative Writing Programs a project of Operation USA" contacted me in regard to donating a piece of jewelry to their silent auction. I felt honored to be included...and strongly thought some very creative words to express my deep literary genes would be necessary. I created this...also includes a tiny little piece of hand embroidery. It hangs really long...has about three rows of chains and glass beads...and this smashing rectangular locket filled with the famous new word and stitchery. I thought it turned out quite interesting. Hope the people out west in the (Los Angeles) finds my sense of style appropriate. Although, I don't think the wives of Orange County would quite get it....or would they? Whack-a-doo could easily fit into their vocabulary perhaps?......
Have a whack-a-doo day!


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Whack-a-doo = Lovely!

Utah Grammie said...

It's perfectly..whack-a-doo-licious!
If they don;t LOVE it's they need a whack on the head.. :-)