Tuesday, August 18, 2009

World's Longest Yardsale 2009!

I am back....yea!!!! This past weekend was the World's Longest Yard Sale. Once again, I am so fortunate to live smack dab in the middle of two outstanding ginormous yard sales! My daughter's busy sporting schedule put my shopping in jeopardy...but, I managed to find a few hours free on Sunday. With minimal needed commentary, I have brought you some sights I found interesting....odd....or things I would love to purchase. You decide which one is which.... Yes, it was approximately 97 degrees outside and this faux fur was quite a distraction. Loved the mannequin! Don't forget Elvis is always ever present at any yard sale.
These shoes...or slides, as they were called in my high school days, were brand new. Loved the colors and found the brand name "Temptation" quite appropriate for the style of shoe. Hmmm.
I have a fascination with taxidermy animals. Who would want a weasel?
or a deer with its mouth revealing vicious fangs (the head in the middle)? I have never seen a deer so angry and mean. I want to always think of a deer being somehow related to Bambi....only Bambi. Do people buy stuffed deer heads from strangers?
The creativity of vendors teasing the public to stop and take a gander of their wares is my favorite. A mannequin in a bikini.....don't know.
Can't have enough photos of old typewriters. Love them.
This shell bowl looked somewhat like some type of tramp art...not sure. Very attractive in its own way.
Stack of blue suitcases....lovely!
A little table of pretties!
Yes, its Christmas in July. A mannequin in a Mrs. Claus outfit...got my attention.
Enough said.
Stuff and more stuff. It was a hot...but, great day. I am so glad there was time to walk through some of the many...many booths.
School starts tomorrow! Woo hoo!

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Susan @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

The Longest Yard Sale has always fascinated me. I am still amazed that someone was able to create this idea and have it actually take off the way it has. One of these times I am going to actually plan a vacation just to do the yard sale.