Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Art House CO-OP!

I recently had the pleasure of getting to participate in this fun project by Art House CO-OP!  These were the rules of engagement.

"708 artists from around the world received five 3x3 inch canvases from us, along with five words submitted by the Art House Community.  Each artist's task was to visually interpret the words, one word per canvas.  Our goal was to create an encyclopedia that connected each word to their visual interpretation, showcasing one canvas from each artist."

Above is one of my five canvases.  My word was "whit", which means 'particle, bit, jot'.  My canvas featured a teeny tiny piece of embroidery and the words "itty bitty".  All mounted on a vintage bingo card.

This is the cover of the book.  It truly is an encyclopedia of words defined by the artist's interpretation of the word.  It is fantastic!  Below are a vew of my favorites. 
Obviously, I love the whitty ones!  (puh-dump-bump)

Enjoy and Have A Great Day!

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