Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Girls Getaway Weekend In Rosemary Beach!

There are things, occasions, situations that mark "tingle" moments in your life...it is those times you will forever remember.  For me, the Girls Getaway Weekend supplied one of those "tingle" moments...and it happened when I saw the t-shirt.  One of many opportunities in participating in Girls Getaway Weekend (GGW) was to supply the Foundation with a piece of art that becomes the signature image for the invitation and T-SHIRT!

It was late on Thursday evening...I walked up to the check-in desk, and there they were, stacks of GGW t-shirts...all with my art splattered across the front.  It was definitely a "tingle" moment.

Now comes yet another "tingle moment"....a person wearing the t-shirt of their own fashion choice...and then a group of women wearing the t-shirt.  It just didn't get much better!

Many shout-outs must be given to the lady in charge, Kim Jameson!  She orchestrated a fantastic weekend of fun, friends and food!  But, more importantly, I must thank her for the invitation to participate in such a great event.  Gathering 160+/- women together for a weekend of organized activities takes a special dedication....genius....patience...and time.

One of my dearest friends... and my junking buddy, is Edie!  Part of my art class was supplying the attendees with a scrumptious breakfast!  Now, if I were going to make this meal, the event would have ended waaaaay early, so my culinary friend took over creating...cooking...and serving the yummy breakfast delights, including the signature Girls Getaway-tini!  She has a television cooking show, so her expertise made the morning even more memorable.

These are the stars of the morning....the artists!  My class was a "mixed media collage" class!  Above are the attendees and their finished artwork.  Everybody brought their creative 'a' game to the table.  It was a fun...fun morning.

Tomorrow we will delve into the creative process....stay-tuned!

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