Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scarf Today!

What I had planned creatively to do today was completely blown off the "to do" list by a need to make a scarf.  The diversion all began on Monday when I went to see the fabulous new "Liberty of London" line splattered all over the television and now the retail floor of Target!  I do love when someone in the "buyer" community of said large retail establishments actually tip toe into buying stylish...colorful...and fantastic home...clothing...and accessories!  The commercials were appealing...but, the stuff in person was even much better.  There are so many reasons why I liked it...the first and strongest reason, was the cavalier approach to pattern.  They put anything and everything together....loved it!  Color was oozing from the serving bowls on down to a scarf.  Thus, the hiccup in plans for the day.

For some unknown reason I feel like I have to be given permission to put some things together.  What I think is awesome makes my semi-conservative daughter and totally white oxford, khaki pant wearing husband cringe in disgust.  So, I often tame my combos in fear of teetering too far on the edge of an LSD  induced color explosion (less the LSD).  They do not always appreciate my taste.  Needless to say, the inventory of "Liberty of London" product was almost non-existent.  Somebody sure did love it...so, I woke up with renewed color combos dancing in my head.

Below is a roll of fabric I recently found at The Salvation Army store.  The fabric was about 12" in width and there must be 50 yards of it.....oh what to do?  I've been wondering for about a month what to make. So... today I decided to make a scarf.  Rolled out two strips of 10' fabric...sewed them together.  

Dipped the fabric in warm water and twisted the fabric into a long snake and clumped it all together with a rubberband....threwit in the dryer to create the wrinkled texture.

My favorite part was picking out the trims. I only wanted colors totally unrelated to the fabric.  Only trims that had no relationship with the type of fabric.  Color and texture!

This is it....a krinkled, colorful scarf!  
Thank you Liberty of London....for the inspiration.


reimaginedtreasures.blogspot.com said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that scarf!! Great job with the thrifting! Isn't it so fun! Kathi

Joyce said...

A super big YUMMO!