Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wood Puppet Goodness!

I found this great wood-like puppet at a yard sale.  My 9th sense (the sense that tends to create my own version of the reality, and has no foundation from which to base this series of self-determined facts) feels an elderly man sitting on bench near a shade tree solving world peace and whittling on piece of branch, ended the afternoon with this little primitive piece of creative goodness.  With the aid of my beaded wire hanger, and one of the mass inventory of stitched hearts, accompanied with a few words, only enhanced this little jewel.  

Now....the crowning is reversible!  

This side reads, "get one then have one"

and this side reads, "get one use it".

I thought it was husband immediately...without an iota of contemplation asked, "who is going to turn it over and read the other side? What is the point?"  Well....I'm not sure any one is going to turn it over...but, without an iota of hesitation I replied with, "I like it.
 Enough said.  

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kristi lee said...

saw your lovely pic in the community paper for your hair salon. hot!