Monday, April 12, 2010

American Pickers Beauty!

"True beauty cannot be detected 
by the gentle stroke of a brush
or the swiftness of a pen.  
Only in the mind
can it be created and molded into
perfection of form and thought."

I drive by this pile of rickety goodness every day.  A part of me wants:

1.  to purchase a bull dozer and mow it down
2.  to ignore the "no trespassing" sign and attempt to create my own episode of American Pickers and see what has been left behind under its hallowed rusty roof
3.  to enjoy the beauty it still has

This little dump has slowly become an abandoned pile of a building.  In its former life, I bet it stored farm stuff.  Now, the back roof has caved in and the foliage has begun to consume it.  As much as it seems to be an eye is currently drenched in the most beautiful wisteria. However unappealing the building, the fragrant drape of the purple floral vine seems to bring life back to the rust.  It is just vintagey yummy!

Often we must step back and re-observe. Beauty can be found in the most unusual place.  Enjoy!


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh, I think I'd have to ignore the sign! Or maybe tell them I can't read English..or that I'm blind..oh the temptation would be too too much!

scrapwordsmom said...

Thanks again for the interview!! It is up and the projects are gorgeous!! Check it out!!!

Leanne said...

Really great entry - thanks for helping me look at the unexpected to see the beauty of it. I often drive by a little abandoned lot as well, and never really looked at it. Today, I think I will.

Looking forward to exploring your blog more.I'm stopping by from "Words of Me Project" after reading your interview! LOVE you work and your inspiration.

Rachel R said...

You know what...I'll drive down to Tennessee and we'll do the pick through the building together! Can't tell you how many old barns I drive by and think 'i wonder what treasures are in that old junk heap'...thanks to Frank and Mike!