Saturday, August 7, 2010

Communication History!

Found this precious little postcard...and the writer was requesting information about the sewing club. How cute is that? The card was dated Feb. 1, 1961.  The whole idea behind the postcard was to have a little chat. No big earth shattering information to confirm....just a sweet little card to exchange niceties. How weird?  Do we do that now?  Obviously, this was pre-email, tweeting, texting, and blogging.  Just trying to preserve a little communication history.


cupcake studio said...

Your work always stirs me! Love this piece. I just purchased a large box of old postcards and was so charmed by their simple fun.

Kit said...

Love it! I am still a big sender of postcards! Kit

Suz said...

That is so charming and not so very long ago. I was almost ready to begin high school, I never did anything this clever but I had many pen pals and waited anxiously for the mail each day.

i may pick up some postcards, too. What a lovely idea that would bring giver and receiver much joy.

Thanks, Alexa!


Mrs.B said...

I do postcards and I now have my children doing postcards. We love the idea of someone's words traveling all the way to us from somewhere far, far away!

I love the written word and I love your blog. Thanks for sharing with us a little part of you!