Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Last Quest...for Awhile...

"Sometimes less is more.  Our quest for more, then, keeps us from it."
-Jan Denise


Suddenly I've found myself in quest of tiny, old, leather coin purses....wonder what they held...
OK...let me just say, if I had taken the time to create this lovely embroidery piece...I would not put it in a yard sale.  Too sweet!  

 Mystery item!  I know it is a stamp.  I know it is a stamp of different types of arrows.  I don't know why you need this....

This is a little pile of goodies destined for my antique booth at Knitting Mill Antiques.  Please stop in and visit to see the result of much "questing" over the summer.  New goodies coming in and out all the time.  

The quest for more is alive and well!
Long live quests!

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