Friday, October 8, 2010

Oh Where is Cute Outerwear!

If I could find the coat in the above picture, I would buy it right now.  Love the single button closure.  Oh where...oh where is cute outerwear!


Suz said...

You are so cute! Did you love it and frame and embroider it or frame it embroider it and then fall in love? I love vintage clothes but they are....tiny...and I am not! Hugs, Suz/Katsui said...

Hi Alexa! I have been out due to surgery and recovery for 4 months! It is such fun to be out in blogland again! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your banner..I think it's new, isn't it? see ya! Kathi

E. Charlotte said...

Ooh I like the one button too! I finally found a bright red pea-coat a couple years ago and look forward to wearing it every winter! :)

Ran across your blog and love it! I'll definitely return. :)