Friday, June 17, 2011

100 Proof Press Design #2!

I love me a "Dust Pan"(2560-Q) stamp from 100 Proof Press!
There is something about the basic cleaning tools we've all grown up to our elders use...and can even be recognized by many generations.  The typical dust pan has not changed its shape and use for years.  Colors may it attaches to the broom has been enhanced....but a dust pan is a dust pan!  I love having a little loyalty in a product!  The day someone hands me an electronic device that when hovering over a pile of trash/dust approximately 7-10 inches the electrodes will disintegrate the particles magically into the atmosphere within 2.4 seconds....I might freak.  

 Let the dust pan be a tool that many, many generations will recognize and use the very same way for years.  Call me old fashioned.
I have a friend that loves to sweep!  Not one of my favorite items on the "to do list"...but, this little dust pan was perfect to create her some fun note cards.  Running down the side of the card stock was little scraps of paper sewn by machine....perhaps scraps and trash that you might sweep into a dust pan.  

Love me a dust pan!

2 comments: said...

What a delightful art project :]
Anyone would be thrilled to receive such a gift!
Thank you for sharing the rubber stamp info.
Will have to explore the site... off I go!
Happy Saturday

Gerri Herbst said...

This is stunning. Did I tell you how much I adore your blog header! take care, gerri