Thursday, August 25, 2011

100 Proof Press Stamps!

We are volleyball fanatics at our house. breathe...volleyball.  Why not have a party and invite the whole team over?  But, I have two rules of entertaining...

1. Keep it simple.
2.  Keep it special for the attendees.
3.  Keep it inexpensive for me.

When I ordered the volleyball stamp 3198-P from 100 Proof Press, it had no purpose in my head.  I felt there might be some reason I would need a volleyball stamp...but, none sitting at the end of my crafty fingers. Team colors are red and blue.  Knocking back liters of soft drinks, lemonade, and water are a constant with athletes.  Getting a different cup each time they want something breaks rule number three for me.  Red Solo can't go wrong!

But, now we need to execute rule number one.  Always have these cute little round hang tags at your disposal.  Plus, it just so happened that the volleyball stamp fit perfectly on the image space (rule number one accomplished). Write their name on each volleyball and this cup will be used multiple times (emphasis on  rule number two and a side hit of rule number three) Yea!   

Simple....special...and inexpensive!


Jingle said...

Super cute!

Gladys said...

love the idea! so cute!