Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kindred Spirits!

Kindred Spirits!

Happened upon an estate sale ad that read, "70 Years of Accumulation".  What more do I need to know?  
The address was a bit out in the country and only 8 miles from my house.  This was a Sunday afternoon and I felt everything might be 1/2 price....which is always a good thing.

Took off down the road and found this cute little vintage bungalow in the middle of no where.  Only two cars in the driveway and what appeared to be the perfect age home for my likes.  

Walked in and found a granddaughter and her mother minding the wares.  The Great-Grandmother was scaling down and wanted to get rid of everything.  I made the quick scan across the living/dining room and there was the spirit of crafting lofting over two 6 foot fold-up tables.  This little lady was my kindred spirit.  She enjoyed every form of creativity.  

She knitted, did needlework, sewed and painted.  All kinds of supplies were laid out like a second hand craft store.  It was awesome!  Sadness was close...for I felt she would miss this stash of supplies, after a simple inquiry I was relieved.  She had twice as much as this saved!  Whew!

This was the bundle buried deep into a box of miscellaneous goodies.  I unrolled the handmade supply tote....and EUREKA!....

a tote for many, many expensive and fabulous paint brushes!  It screamed for me to purchase and paint with our joint kindred spirit!  

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Cindy said...

What a wonderful treasure!