Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Time to "MINGLE"! Win a Copy and Art!

Simply Comment and Win "Mingle" magazine and Art!

YOU can be the winner of the latest Stampington and Company Publication
"Mingle" and a piece of art from me!

This is how I felt when I got my copy of "Mingle"!

Yes, the new rag is funkalicious!!!

Have you ever wanted to get a little advice or discover new ideas when inviting friends and family over to share a new recipe...or maybe you just want to gather some friends together to just....mingle.  This is your new go-to guide to all such occasions.  Once again Stampington has created a perfect solution to gathering.  

This was one of my favorite articles..."A Gilded Life: A Day In Canton"...

yummy pictures everywhere.

The simple reason I would want to purchase a copy of "Mingle" or any of the Stampington publications, is the ability to see myself in each vignette.  I feel certain me and the chick in the lower left hand photo could easily be "buds"....she just doesn't know it.  The beauty of a great magazine is the ability to transport the reader into a world they want to see and be a part of....

So in honor of such a cool new magazine "Mingle", I have a free copy for YOU!!!!  A value of lots of many dollars.....and a little piece of art from ME!

I felt these four chums could help you enjoy "Mingle"!

Rules of engagement to be the owner of this little prize package is simple...

1.  leave me a comment after this blog = one entry
2.  share this blog with a friend and leave their email/blog address after this blog in a new comment ...and I'll add two entries in your name for this prize package
3.  become one of my followers = one entry, but let me know in the comments after this blog

"Mingle" and art...all yours by just leaving a comment in many different ways!
Contest winner will be randomly selected from the number of comments.  More entries, more chances to win!
Contest winner will be announced Sunday evening!


Alexa Lett said...


Linda said...

I haven't seen this publication but it looks very interesting! I love all of Stampington's magazines and buy them frequently.

Suz said...

Oh, yes! I can
t wait to see mingle and I love your blog!

leslie hilton said...

Love your blog, love your art!


Anonymous said...

Alexa, you could be friends with Shea Fragoso of A Gilded Life! That's her in the picture you love about the article regarding Canton, Texas. It's a small world and you are less than six degrees of seperation from meeting her! She and her mom, Debbie Murray, have a blog called "What Happens Next". And that magazine "Mingle" is to die for...

Julie B.
Roswell, NM