Friday, November 11, 2011

100 Proof Press Stamp!

Finally finished another piece using one of the infamous 100 Proof Press Stamps.  With all my work something stitchy is most always involved.  I had been looking for some old film strips in my many jaunts through the basements of Americana, and finally found exactly what had been looming in my head.  Went to use it....and no.  This was not at all as I had envisioned it.  Then it came time to select from the wealth of stamping options at 100 Proof Press and there it was a two frame film stamp (stamp # 6353-S)....eureka!  I immediately ordered it and above is how I envisioned it.  My little stitchiness exploding out of old school film.  I think it framed out nicely.  

Lesson learned:
Never underestimate the value of using present day wonderful crafting innovations, such as stamps, in addition to the assemblage of vintage.

It can work.

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