Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cotton Fields of Home!

On my way to Artsy Chicks an item was checked off my "Bucket List"!

I have always wanted to get up close and personal with cotton plants in a cotton field.  Just happened to look to my right....noticed the upcoming exit...and boom, I was pulling up into a tractor type entrance of the cotton field.  Cotton growing in a field is breathtaking.

I wanted too pick some, but felt a cotton police might be watching and I would be escorted out to a cotton gin and tried for treason of cloth.

Any who....I took photos...and I thought it was outstanding!

Just a glimmer into what I saw Friday afternoon....

 "All work, even cotton spinning is noble; work alone is noble."
- Thomas Carlyle

"Half the world does not know the joys of wearing cotton underwear!"
- Phil Gramm

"I was influenced a lot by those around me, there was a lot of singing
that went on in the cotton fields."
- Willie Nelson

Cotton fields on the way home.....stunning!


Michelle said...

I recently saw a cotton field for the first time as well. Must have taken close to 50 pictures! The cotton police didn't catch me...I plucked 2 little balls of happiness and drove off as fast as I could. :)

Michelle said...

I saw my first cotton fields recently too and the cotton police didn't catch me. I have little cotton balls of happiness and there are tire tracks in the road from when I drove off. :)