Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Repurposing A Man's Starched Shirt!

I recently was asked by an icon of my fair city to do a small segment on a mid-day local television show.  My topic was to be 'inexpensive ways to wrap Christmas gifts'.  Knowing I am cheap by most every one's standards, this was going to be easy peasy!

The night before the segment (I premeditate everything) I had to pull something together.  My 'Big Guy' had thrown a starched shirt in the floor and said, "I don't like this anymore, give it away".  Pleasantries to my ears!

My goal was to fill 4 minutes with ways to use this starched shirt....
this is what surfaced.

Project One:
A former jar of mayonnaise, with label removed.  Fill with gourmet coffee.  Take the collar of the shirt and wrap it around the top of the jar, cross it over and pin a tag made from a paint chip swatch.  Add sprig of greenery from shrubbery outside.

Project Two:
The box was a child's shoebox (they are always very graphic and pretty).  Glued the front pocket of the shirt on to the lid. Filled the pocket with shrubbery greenery and pens.  Tied it closed with a strip of fabric from the hem of the shirt.

Project Three:
Cut the sleeve off.  Invert the sleeve, measure the height of bottle of wine, and with sewing machine zip a single stitch across the non-cuffed end.  Invert sleeve.  Slide bottle of wine through buttoned cuff and tie with a decorative bow. Add shrubbery again.

Project Four:
Get an old cigar box.  Cut the button placket off of the front of the shirt.  Wrap it around the box and pin.  Add shrubbery and ribbon again.

Yep, that is what you can do with a man's starched shirt!

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donna!ee said...

oh my, these are fabulous! i recently started working @ a thrift store so a few of these spread around will spark creativity & sales...thank you much for sharing! blest be :)