Thursday, January 12, 2012

Antique Archaeology Nashville

Yes, I finally got to visit the Nashville location of one of my favorite shows "American Pickers"!
My best-est took me there over the holidays and...
it was like walking into several episodes of the show.
Really cool "picks", as they say, and many I had seen on television.
These are just a few shots of the finds.

I think I remember this bicycle find.

Absolutely loved this folkey type sign!

 I so wanted one of these carnival game thing-ies!

I vividly remember this episode.  

Who could forget?

Of course, any Mike and Frank establishment must include a few gear head items.

After much perusing, I made a few purchases.  It was then I had the good fortune of meeting Dustie.  Cute little chick working at the store and wearing the cutest bracelet.  I commented on it....and guess what?  She makes them.  Placed my order right at that moment.  She has an etsy store here.

I apologize for the dark photo...but, found it hard to lighten up (the sun was not cooperating).  The bracelet has a dark brown leather band with a chippy black painted metal key hole.  Awesome.

The bracelet was fastened by an elastic black band that you wound around an old mini skeleton key.  More awesome.

I think the more I wear it...the more worn it will be. I constantly get compliments!
Love it!

Here's to Mike, Frank and Dustie!

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